b. 1966. Scarborough, Ont, Canada.

The focus of my artistic practice is to explore the importance of companion animals., and the life altering experience people have bonding with their pet.  My research into  historical and contemporary art with companion animals as the main subject seemed to find them absent in the gallery world made me wonder why weren't domestic pets stories not documented. My goal is to document sentient creatures and give them a place of dignified prominence in the composition, elevate their status by placing them in a historical art context on par with human portraiture subjects. I consider my artworks portraits, not pet portraits. I've been committed to this ongoing artistic project of exploring the question; what is it about companion animals that affects us on such a deep and profound level? My practice also includes the exploration of non-objective painting, inspired by the 1950's abstract expressionism movement in New York, colour field painting, and current contemporary artists. 

The earliest known cave art by modern humans are of mammals, dated to nearly 44,000 years old. The objective of my figurative art, is to capture the moments, document lives and tell their stories  through painting. Specifically, how companion animals are considered members of a family and become a part of peoples identity, life's memories, and how they play an important role in the mental and emotional well being of their owners. The universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers, animals, they live in the present moment and they pull us in with them, into their bliss. My passion is attempting to capture on canvas the emotion, connection, essence, personality, and unique beauty of sentient beings. My work explores themes of joy, connection, love, laughter, memories, meaningful moments, and the family unit.