"For someone who loved that dog for sixteen years and knew every little part of her,  you captured her. She doesn't fill that space the way she filled my life, but that piece of her thats on that canvas its as if theres somewhere to go, and thats always the way Lucy was - always on the go. You just did a beautiful job. Lucy watches over me every day now in my living room. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Ann Rohmer, CP24 TV Host (dog:Lucy, in memorium), Toronto


Just wanted to let you know that my husband Steve was absolutely delighted with the painting of Charlie and it was a complete surprise. The painting now hangs in our lounge and it looks fantastic. Once we had hung it on the wall one of the first things Steve said was that it looked like Charlie was about to leap out of the painting so you have clearly captured his energy and mischievous nature.Thank you again for making an anniversary present really unique and special.

-Sarah and Steve Harding, (dog:Charie), Horsham, West Sussex UK


"My career takes me all over the world, and one very special weekend I enjoyed Woofstock in Toronto, Canada.There in a sea of dog lovers and every kind of pooch vendor in the western hemisphere, was Paul Boddum. WOW,there are painters of pets but he is the Michaelango of dog painters. Jesus Salgueiro and I had just adopted T Ron our American Staffordshire Terrier, and he is our child. I commissioned Paul to do his portrait and I must say it's beautiful.  We recently built an extraordinary kitchen and Tron's and hopefully Linx, our new addition will hang together. Thank you Paul for capturing the essence of our beloved pet."

-Art Smith, former Personal Chef to OPRAH, (dog: Linx and T Ron),Chicago, IL


"Artist Paul Boddum not only remarkably captured the physical likeness of my Giant Schanuzer " IGGY PUP " , he also captured something else in his portrait. It's something intangible; the spirited essence of Iggy's playfulness, something in his character, that as Iggy's owners, we immediately, undeniably recognize. The entire creative process was an amazing, respectful collaboration between us. Run, don't walk to Paul Boddums Studio."

-Anne Mroczkowski  (dog: Iggy Pup), News Anchor Global TV, Toronto


"The painting just arrived. I absolutely love it!! Best present I've ever received.This was a gift for my 40th from a group of friends that I walk dogs with.   I absolutely love it and the comments from the friends when they saw the painting included  "LOVE IT!!!!  Looks so like them  the features are incredible" and "Wow !!!  Fantastic !!".  Thank you again Paul for creating such a special gift."

-Anne Dupuy,  (dog: Jasper and Cooper),  Bermuda


"The paintings are wonderful and are now in their respective place hanging in my house. They bring peace to my heart. Thank you"

-Dr. Steve McVicar (dog: Lord Chumley, in memorium), Rossland,BC


"Wow, you have really captured him!  There is no doubt that that is our Soldier Boy. I am thrilled! The portrait is super and I am extremely happy with it!"

-Kathryn MacIntosh (dog:Soldier Boy), Kitchener, ON


"Thank you Paul for capturing the expression that is our dog, Jasper, and providing us with a piece that will always occupy a prominent place in our home. It is a lovely reminder of a perfect day with our dog on our favourite beach in Nova Scotia."

-Charlene Crawford (dog: Jasper), Toronto


"My dog Bosco (boxer) past away today. I thank god that I got a painting done by you, now I can remember him forever."

-Mark Souza,  (dog:Bosco),Toronto


"You've done an outstanding job at capturing Dexter just the way he is. Turns out my fiance didn't want to wait until xmas, and as such, I gave her the gift this evening. She loves it and thinks you did a fantastic job!". Thanks again Paul...Dex looks great."

-Paolo M. Giacco (dog:Dexter), Toronto


"Everyone who has seen this portrait is amazed by the likenesses - anyone can paint a dog - but Paul has captured the true spirits of our grey ghosts."

-Heather Coyler (dogs: Grayce and Kasha), Orangeville, ON


"We received the painting, it looks great! Thank you very much for such wonderful work, we can't wait to get it up on the wall! Thanks also for being so accommodating with our suggestions. If you ever need a reference for another client, we'd be happy to provide it!"

-Manoj and Vivian Gupta (dog: Lucky), New York


"I just wanted to thank you once again for Finnigan's portrait.Of course it was a gift for Gil, but really for the entire family. We all love've absolutely captured the real Finnigan on canvas. We've already hung it in the family room, where the majority of our time is spent, and it looks fabulous. Thank you for working so hard with me to achieve the final product! Many many thanks."

-Marian Gordon (dog: Finnegan), Belfountain,ON


"Thanks Paul, everyone loves it. Fergus passed away yesterday so it makes the portrait even more precious to me. I thank you again for providing this beautiful memorial of my two old boys for me".

-Brenda Fraser , Owner of UBERDOG spa and ranch, Port Hope, ON


"We love the portrait of Schmikey - we believe you've captured the real him."

-Mike Stark and Michael Leshner (dog: Schmikey), Toronto, Time Canada Newsmakers of the Year. 


"My husband Graham just gave me the portrait of our dog Miki he commissioned for my 40th birthday.  I JUST LOVE IT. I cried and cried  its just SO awesome.  I saw your work at the one of a kind and have had your postcard on our fridge ever since, thinking one day I would love to get Miki painted.  I was so shocked to see this painting sitting in our kitchen tonight!  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  It is just perfect in everyway.  Miki looks just like he always does, and the background I LOVE IT.You are very talented. THANK YOU for painting a great picture."

-Barb Morrison, (dog:Miki), Toronto


"Bert's love of fetch and swimming was perfectly captured in Paul's fantastic painting of him. Our painting of Bert has received much praise and hangs prominently in our kitchen for all to see!We are planning on having him doing a second painting of our other adorable lab, Sadie."

-Keary Hanan,  (dog: Bert)Amaganset, New York NY


'I first saw Paul's work on the Internet and automatically decided that I wanted a portrait done of my dog Ruby. I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the process involved. It was exciting to be a part of the work by choosing colours, patterns and sharing ideas. Of course, it's always nice to tell someone all about my dog. Paul showed a genuine interest in painting a portrait that not only reflected Ruby visually but also her personality. The end result was amazing, it's a beautiful portrait. Most importantly I have an original painting of a very special part of my life - Ruby."

-Christine Jenkins,  (dog: Ruby) Toronto


"I just love it, and everyone admires when they come into my home."- 

-Emily Norris  (Wallpaper painting), Toronto


"I was strolling through the Distillery Art Show with my black pug Hubble when we turned a corner and saw "Flowers". Wow! A magnificent purple pug surrounded by colourful blooms, combining my love of black pugs and the colour purple in one painting. I couldn't have commissioned a piece more perfect. It brings a smile to my face every day, just like Hubble."

-Kari Measham  (painting: Flowers, Pug),Toronto


"We enjoy Zorro's portrait so much.  I watch it the way some people watch television.  It's fabulous."

-Liane Kotler, (dog: Zorro) Toronto


"The painting arrived yesterday morning! It's really beautiful and we love it. We can't wait to show it off to all of our friends.We are going to hang it tonight.Once again, thanks very much for doing this incredible work."

-Melissa Mech & David Cooper,  (dog: Moti) Ottawa, ON


"Thank you for rushing to deliver the latest painting in time for Christmas. It made Kelly's Christmas. The 3 paintings are the focus of her new family room also open to the kitchen. You have captured the personality of all 3 and will provide hours of enjoyment and fond memories for years to come. The backgrounds are perfect colours and add vibrance to the family room. Many thanks"

-Kelly Roblin (dogs: Henry, Ferris, and Ted), owner of KELLY'S SHOP, Picton, ON


"My friends love the portrait!" -Sandra Kellog, portrait was a gift for her friends in memory of their dog-Stetson

-Ann & Moe Thibeault,  (dog: Stetson), Duncan, BC


"It is so beautiful. It will be all I have left of Robbie in a few short years and I want him and Marlin to live on forever in this family heirloom."

-Joanne Wilk, Setter Sanctuary (dogs: Robbie and Marlin), Toronto