Shipping available in Canada, the US, and international. Shipping rate is not included in the price. 

Paul donates a portion of every sale to charity.   

Consultation Process


1.     Share a little bit about who the subject is to be painted  


2.    Email your favourite photos. Send as many as you wish to start   paulboddum(at)


3.    Choose a canvas size


4.    A 10% deposit is required to begin. Click here for current fees.Balance is due upon completion of the painting


5.    Suggest background style ideas based on my previous works. Are you drawn to neutrals, earth tones, vibrant colours, particular favourite colour(s)? Abstracted background that evokes a special place, emotion, or moment? Is there a style you think will work best with your decor? 


6.   Sketches: you'll be emailed three digital sketches based on your suggestions. Changes to sketches are available, the goal is to create a painting that works for the client. Approval of a final sketch by the client is required before the painting begins

SpeciaIizing in pet portraits and dog art in Toronto, Paul has experience and passion creating  gallery quality custom artworks that capture the essence of your pet. With a passion for collaboration, contemporary art and design, his custom works will compliment your own personal decor needs.


His commission process always begins with a personal consultation to ensure your needs are met. Hi goal is to create a one of a kind painting that captures the essence of the subject while fitting in with the personal decor style of your living space.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 


Emailing Photos

Portraits are done from your photos


Customizing the Painting

If you need assistance customizing Paul will offer suggestions during the planning process. Client input is important to the process. His style allows for as an interactive process should the client wish. With your input the portrait will be more representative of your personal style preferences, compliment your living space, and capture your animals unique personality. The goal is to try and work closely with each client to incorporate your style and colour requests, the photograph chosen, and the layout to create artwork that is personal and unique!  


Fee's are based on size and one subject. Contact me for a quote for additional subjects. 

Shipping and handling

Costs are covered by the client. Payments accept e-transfers, PayPal, or cheque. Paintings are securely packaged and shipped via fedex. My works can be found in homes across Canada (BC,Ontario,New Brunswick,Nova Scotia, & Quebec), the US (Chicago, Arizona, Virginia, Los Angeles, New York), Bermuda, Germany, and England.


Paintings of pets as a gift to someone special have been one of Pauls most popular commissions. For birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Christmas, in memoriam; for family members, friends or work colleagues. 


Turnaround Time

Paul can work within any time constraints you may have depending on the waiting list,, size and complexity of the painting.  


Gift Certificates 

Customized printable gift certificates have been very popular for last minute gifts. The recipient can be a part of the custom planning process of the commission. Customized printable certificates can be emailed or if requested mailed to you directly. Terms are a deposit towards the price of the commission, balance due upon completion of artwork. 


Toronto, ON, Canada

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